Fatal error C1601: unsupported inline assembly opcode

Figured I may as well see if there is a way to fix this without disabling the SSE assembly again. Anyone get this error? Anyone know how to fix it? I have VC6, latest service pack, latest platform pack, etc… It compiles and works fine if I comment out “# define JUCE_USE_SSE_INSTRUCTIONS” in the “juce\src\juce_core\basics\juce_PlatformDefs.h” file.

EDIT: For note, if you disable the warning (pragma disable) 4710 (warning, function not inlined), the warnings go from 701 to 7 (at least for me). The remaining warnings are all unreachable code (warning 4702). Disabled 4702 makes it compile with no errors and no warnings (well I have the SSE instructions disabled as well, but I doubt that makes a difference). I generally hate disabling warnings, I generally have it compile so it treats errors as warning, the not inlined and such is understandable though.

but have you got the VC6 processor pack installed?

I have Service Pack 6 for VC++6, the latest Platform SDK in entirety (which includes the processor pack as I recall), and the latest stlport.

But if it won’t compile SSE instructions, how can it have the processor pack? I’m sure I had to install that as a separate item to the other service packs.

IIRC, the processor pack was part of the sp 5 update for MSVC 6, and if you then install sp 6, it removes all the useful assembly stuff, because they want you to upgrade :(. Not a good way to treat your customers if you ask me…

  • Niall.

Yea, that’s it, read up on MSDN. Service Pack 5 has a processor pack for it, but it is incompatable with Service Pack 6 and they have not released an updated one, so although I do have it, it’s non functional… how nice… :roll:

I’ll just continue going to the platform config and disabling SSE… unless anyone is willing to make me some libraries with code I send. :slight_smile: