Jucelib compile error (only seeing in 1.36 onwards)

I’m using VC++6.0 and for the last two releases (1.36 and 1.37) I’m getting the following compiler error in juce_LowLevelGraphicsSoftwareRenderer.cpp:

juce\src\juce_appframework\gui\graphics\contexts\juce_lowlevelgraphicssoftwarerenderer.cpp(181) : error C2400: inline assembler syntax error in ‘opcode’; found ‘[’

The code in question is some inline assembly so arghh! Anyone else seen this and if so know a work-around?


Sounds like you’ve not got the VC6 processor pack installed - you’d need that to compile MMX instructions. You could either install it, or just disable MMX by turning off the JUCE_USE_SSE_INSTRUCTIONS macro at the top of the file.

Worked a treat. You can find VC6++ Processor Pack here:

Be sure to be up to date with Service Pack 5 & 6.