Assertion suggestion in AudioProcessor::processBlockBypassed

When the latency of a plugin is not null, we must override AudioProcessor::processBlockBypassed() and compensate it there to avoid timing issues.

So I suggest to add the following in the default AudioProcessor::processBlockBypassed() implementation :

// your processors has some latency but you haven't 
// overridden AudioProcessor::processBlockBypassed().
// you must override it to add latency compensation to avoid situations
// where bypassing will shift the signal forward in time
jassert (getLatencyInSamples() == 0);

Since the number of latency samples is known, there could be even a default delay line in processBlockBypassed…

But somehow I remember issues with “clever” hosts not calling processBlockBypassed at all?
If that’s the case, all is lost anyway…

sure… when we’ll have a delay line in juce! :wink:

meanwhile an assertion would do the job. it’s just to remind us that we got to take care of that and avoid situations like that one for instance : Cubase latency issues

thanks for the commit Tom !

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I’m gonna bump this for @t0m since this really needs to be handled in the AudioProcessor class itself for an AudioProcessorGraph. I can hack the AudioProcessorGraph to add my own mod… but that still feels like it should be handled by AudioProcessor::processBlockBypassed() which is called by all the plugin format types if it’s not handled by the plugin being hosted.

I’m sure y’all can add a simple delay line and use that in AudioProcessor::processBlockBypassed().

Please see: [FR] DSP Delay Line (for AudioProcessor::processBypassed())