Asserts during testing with standalone plugin

Hey I think this probably affects a lot of people. If you are testing a stereo plugin on the Mac everytime you run the standalone plugin you get about 5 asserts (from juce_AudioProcessor.cpp) about the plugin IO structure not being supported. I think because the default input is the microphone and it’s mono.

Is there a workaround? It works just fine if i skip all the asserts. But it’d be nicer if they didn’t happen.

Or could we do a special hack for the standalone plugin wrapper to avoid this?

Hi, you can make your plugin support these bus/channel layouts.

We are happy with the bus layout setup on our plugins and don’t want to change it just for testing.

The simpler plugins just offer the same number of input and output channels. No-one has ever asked for a version that turns mono tracks into stereo, seems a little weird if it’s just copying the channels over :slight_smile:

return layouts.getMainOutputChannelSet() == layouts.getMainInputChannelSet();

I don’t mean “officially support”. The thing is, if your plugin claims to be unable to handle the channel configurations, then it’s good to run into these asserts.
You can allow mono input in debug builds only.