AU fails and strip symbols

I’ve recently updated to the develop tip and my build script is generating AU that fails to load with auvaltool. The culprit is this command:
strip -x -S

I’ve always used that command to strip symbols, never let Projucer do it, but now, for some reason, it causes the AU to fail when testing with auvaltool. The only error I get is a simple
zsh: killed

Now, did something change regarding symbol strips? If I enable it in Projucer, will it be the same as the “old” strip -x -S ?

I’m on a M1 MacBook with Xcode 12.5

All binaries must be signed in order to load successfully on M1 machines.

It’s worth checking whether running strip causes the code signature of the plugin to become invalid, by checking the signature before and after running the strip command. If the signature is invalid after running strip, you will need to re-sign the binary before attempting to run it.

Yes, I always sign after the strip command. But, there’s something I’ve noticed, it looks like since I’ve updated to the develop tip, even though the Code-Signing Identity field is empty in my Projucer project, it still signs the plugin. I’ll do more tests, but something definitely changed recently that’s messing with my builds.

I’m only aware of one recent signing change, specifically:

If no signing identity is specified, Xcode will now sign the binary to run locally. I’d be a bit surprised if this was causing the problems you’re seeing, but it might be worth checking before and after that commit to see whether it has any effect.