Strip and AAX digital signature

The Projucer provides a “strip” option, which I’d like to use, for AAX build among other builds.
I’m using the “Post-build shell script” to digitally sign the AAX builds.
However this would not work together because the strip phase is executed after the “Post-build shell script” phase, so the strip phase alters the binary after its digital signature, which makes digital signature no longer valid, and as expected Pro Tools does not want to load the AAX plug-in.

So, to the Juce community part that builds for AAX: how do you manage your strip phase? do you do it in the “Post-build shell script” phase? How could the Projucer be modified to that its “strip” option could be used?

All the best

Here we’re using shell build-script running the following:
projucer resave
signing the result binaries

In addition if you need it for debug or other states you should condition your post-build shell as discussed here.

(basically build is async so you should make sure it runs only after dependencies compiled and you only need it for AAX…)