AU parameter automation issue - ToggleButton does not write

It also affects Apple’s built-in AudioUnits, and it’s not just boolean parameters.

The multiple choice “Sensitivity” parameter of Apple’s AURogerBeep doesn’t record automation from Logic’s autogenerated GUI.

A boolean example is the “Peak Locking” parameter of Apple’s AUNewPitch.

It’s not just JUCE’s APVTS button attachment that’s affected, it’s also combo boxes and most of the GenericAudioProcessorEditor :frowning:

void mouseDown (const MouseEvent&) override

void mouseUp (const MouseEvent&) override
    param.setValueNotifyingHost (newValue);

Does this fix Ableton Live automation recording?

The Logic thing it looks like a regression on their part at least!

Oh crap… quite a task :frowning:
You are right, anything except slider just sends discrete events…

Good luck

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No. I’ve not found any plug-in which works as expected there.

This just makes automation recordable from the plug-in GUI in Logic.

So presumably it’s an issue with Live? Sort of good news! :joy:

Talked to a contact at Apple, they said they’re aware of it and working on it. I’ll update if I hear anything more


Any news from Apple on this front?

does anyone know if Logic 10.4.6 solves this bug? That release came out recently.

As noted above,

Ah, I missed that.

Nothing so far, they are aware of it and working on it but that’s the last I heard.

I would love to hear if the JUCE guys have heard anything, I would have to assume they are aware of it!

Oops, spoke too soon! But good news, seems like it is fixed and slated for next Logic release. No idea when that will be but hopefully on the horizon


How did you hear that it’s fixed in the next update?

You should definitely take it with a grain of salt because it’s “unofficial” but it comes from a contact I have who works on the Logic team

Logic 10.4.7 is out now. Release notes here, which includes:

  • Resolves an issue in which it was not possible to automate certain 3rd party Audio Unit plug-in parameters.

Have not gotten to test it yet here.


Just tested and my problem is fixed!! Woo hoo!

All discrete plugin parameters, combo boxes, buttons are now automatable.

No idea how they messed up that bad but glad we are back on track


Any news from Ableton?

Testing a few plugins made with JUCE. Toggle and ComboBox do not write, at least on Live 10.1.15.

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Did you test with latest Logic 10.6.1/Big Sur? For me the problem is definitly not fixed.

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Wow, they have broken it again.

Just confirmed broken in 10.6.1 on Big Sur, at least :angry:

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