Toggle Automation not working for AU but does for VST2?


I'm pretty clueless of why this is happening.

My code is being called from PluginEditor and it's a component (pluginUI) of it that is called the button clicked listener.

Here is my code:

    if (buttonThatWasClicked == pluginUI.getStopButton()){
        if (!buttonThatWasClicked->getToggleState()){

What's weird is that this does work fine under Ableton Live 9.1.8 when used from VST2, but no AudioUnit.

I've also tested the JUCE demo plug-in that has the exact same issue (gain/delay aren't reporting for AU).




I am experiencing the same issue where discrete parameters are not writing automation from the GUI in Live for AU (works fine for VST2). Were you (or anyone else for that matter) ever able to find a solution?




Hi Tom,

I've tested our behavior v.s. other plug-ins (JUCE and non-JUCE based, eg. Waves, NI and others).

Seems Ableton handles parameters differently.

AU: if there is no point in automation than it'll be treated as non-automated - meaning if you do a record pass and toggle it'll update the static stage.

VST: if there is no point in automation it'll create one - meaning if you do a record pass and toggle it'll write automations.

This is no a JUCE issue from what I've seen and if it's shouldn't be that way it should be done by Ableton...


Thanks, I appreciate the answer! I'm seeing the same thing, so it would appear that Ableton doesn't respond to toggle controls during record pass for AU. Strange.