AU plugin: how to control the plugin name?


Hello fellow jucers!

I have a multi channel AU plugin working thanks to the helpful suggestions in this post. But now I’m stuck with trying to tweak the displayed plugin name. I noticed with the apple supplied Ultrabeat plugin, it displays “Ultrabeat” on the first mixer strip and “UB 3-4”, “UB 5-6”, etc for subsequent strips. Any idea how this alternative plugin name is specified, in particular the “UB” portion (the numbers seems to be auto appended by logic to specify the bus)?

I tried changing the JucePlugin_Desc in AppConfig.h and it didn’t make any difference. But I did notice the JucePlugin_Desc is used by the RTAS wrapper to specify the alternative plugin name. Any thing similar for AU?

Thanks in advance!


darn… nothing huh?


AU plugin names are taken from the weird .rsrc file that’s generated on build (at least in older OSX versions) someone here wrote that this has now changed to something different, but there is no AU specification so nothing is sure with that.


thanks for the reply atom! at least i have some place to start digging.