AU not showing up in host, VST/RTAS do

Hi all:

I’m having a problem with my current plugin. I am using a project based around the newest Jucer (which ROCKS, btw), and my plugin builds fine. In Live 8, I can see the plugin as a VST, but not as an Audio Unit. It shows up and works in Pro Tools 8 just fine.

Here’s the really weird part: If I create a new Jucer project, change the name of the plugin slightly, and use the same files, the file works as both an Audio Unit and VST. I’m getting bugs with RTAS, but whatever.

At some point in the past, I had built a non-Juce Audio Unit with the same name as the plugin that is giving me difficulty. I have deleted it many times, and even cleared my plugin cache, to no avail.

I am thinking that this is probably an Apple issue, rather than Juce. However, I need to fix it, as I don’t want to change the name of my product at this late of a date. Any ideas for a fix?


Sean Costello

Maybe you’ve got a file with the same name hanging around somewhere, which is getting picked up instead of the one you want it to use?

Unfortunately, it was a file or file with a different name, but a similar AU identifier or such. In the days before the new Jucer, I would start a new project by making a copy of the old project, so some of the identifying information got stuck in there. Deleting all of my Juce Audio Units, and working only with builds from the new Jucer, seems to fix things.

Sean Costello