VST's fine, AU not so much

I’ve got a JAPF soundfont instrument project that works fine as a VSTi but not as an AU. I’m using Rax and AU Lab to test. If I do a debug build then neither host can open my UI. If I do a release build then the UI opens fine, but my plugin never gets any midi events. Also, in AU Lab if I add my VSTi as the first instrument then the audio engine doesn’t turn on. Adding another instrument first, then mine allows the audio engine to turn on, but I still never get midi events. Both debug and release builds work properly as VSTi.

Any suggestions on how to debug this?

I’m developing this on OS X, with Juce 1.43.


I just tried the juce demo and ppmulator in AULab, and they seem absolutely fine - sounds most likely that you’ve got a bug in your code that’s only getting triggered by some difference in the order in which things happen with an AU? You can debug with AULab anyway - just tell xcode to launch it as the executable.