AU plugin type


I’m compiling my AU plugin as kAudioUnitType_MusicDevice but in every DAW I’ve tested, the plugin shows up both as an AU (generator) and AUi (instrument) plugin. Is that normal behaviour? Is there any way to make it show up only as an AUi plugin?

While waiting for a formal answer, perhaps you can get away with it like this:

  1. Run auval -a from the terminal,

  2. locate in the list one effect that you know appears only as AUi

  3. Compare its 4 characters type with the enum below and assign to your plugin the corresponding kAudioUnitType_ entry.

CF_ENUM(UInt32) {
	kAudioUnitType_Output					= 'auou',
	kAudioUnitType_MusicDevice				= 'aumu',
	kAudioUnitType_MusicEffect				= 'aumf',
	kAudioUnitType_FormatConverter			= 'aufc',
	kAudioUnitType_Effect					= 'aufx',
	kAudioUnitType_Mixer					= 'aumx',
	kAudioUnitType_Panner					= 'aupn',
	kAudioUnitType_Generator				= 'augn',
	kAudioUnitType_OfflineEffect			= 'auol',
	kAudioUnitType_MIDIProcessor			= 'aumi'

This list is taken from AUComponent.h, in the AudioToolbox framework. That’s where I’m taken if I ask Xcode to take me to the definition of kAudioUnitType_MusicDevice

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