AU + Side Chain Input

I've fully programmed a plugin that uses 2 stereo inputs, and 1 stereo output.

In Reaper, routing is a breeze; you can easily route audio from one track to another's SC inputs.

In Logic Pro X/Ableton Live, however, the plugin (having 4 inputs) is looked at as some weird quadraphonic plugin. How do I tell these programs that the 3+4th inputs are SC Inputs?


I can't even put my plugin on a stereo track in Logic Pro X unless I alter the plugin down to only two inputs. Notice on the following picture (Top Right Corner):



The plugin clearly has a Side Chain input that Logic explicitly recognizes. How do I tell Logic to stop treating my plugin as a Quad plug and instead treat it with the Side-Chaining respect it deserves?



JUCE lacks sidechain support (though for VST2 you can work around it like you did).

The good news is that there's an experimental side-chain support branch by my coworker Dan which adds side-chain support to juce and the AU, VST3, RTAS, AAX wrappers, which you can try.


Cheers, Yair

Thank you so much! That's amazingly helpful, I'm definitely going to investigate!