Sidechain AUs

Does anybody know if it’s possible within the JUCE framework to tell Logic that inputs 3 and 4 in a 4-input-channel plugin are sidechain inputs ? I didn’t find any option/switch in the plugin configuration file or in the AUwrapper code…

Is there an answer to this question? In general, does the plugin framework provide a way to declare sidechain inputs?

At the moment, no, there’s no explicit sidechain support.

Some time ago I extended the juce_AUwrapper to make sidechains and multiple busses working.
I’m using it since 4 months now and it runs stable. It does not break any existing code that is using the unmodified juce_AUwrapper.
It would be nice if the changes would make it into the official tip some day.

See this post if you want to check it out:

Thanks! A friend of mine is also working on some side-chaining extensions that will work for RTAS/VST too - that should be ready soon!

Can you be more precise on how soon will this be available? I am wondering if I should wait for it, or start implementing it myself starting now.

Well, it’s not me doing it so I can’t give you a date, but he’s certainly got most of it working already.

If you’re talking about AU Sidechains and not VST/RTAS, then check my post, it’s already done, you just have to use it.

are there progress on this subject, of integrating sidechain support into the official JUCE codebase?

friskokid, is your AU wrapper still current, or does it need to be tweaked according to the latest JUCE tip?

I’m not an expert of AU programming, can you tell me how do I obtain a sidechained AU?


Any update?
Please =) AU / RTAS sidechain in Juce - is a thing I’m dreaming about every night =)

I’ve started merging Andy’s changes in, and he’s just making a few more tweaks before the next round of merging… but we’re on the case, and hopefully it shouldn’t be too long!

Great news!
Thanks!!! :smiley:

If you need some more inspiration, I’ve updated the wrapper code that I suggested some months ago to work with all OSX versions greater 10.4 as 32 and 64 bit universal binary.

  • arbitrary m to n channel configurations
  • multiple input and output busses for synths and effects
  • sidechain capabilities (using additional busses)
  • synths may have inputs/sidechains, too (for example for a vocoder)
  • a synth can be an effect at the same time
  • the channel names provided by the juce getI/OChannelName functions are used and shown
  • juce::Audioprocessor is informed when the number of channels provided by the host changes (getNumI/OChannel will always return the number that is actually provided by the host)
  • default, minimum and maximum parameter values are handled correctly. This avoids errors and warnings with auval if minimum and maximum of a juce parameter differ from 0 and 1. In that way dependancies between parameters are handled correctly.

Can be found here:

Agh, information overload!

Sorry for pushing this again :oops: , but can we expect this update in near future or it’s better to get some sources floating around the forum and build something “custom” by myself?

I’m not actually sure - I’m waiting for an update from Andy…

Has there been any progress on this question. Actually sidechains in JUCE and not just for AU. The link posted by friscokid is no longer active.

Bump! I am very interested myself.