AU with 1xStereo, 4xMono output buses

I’m trying to create an AudioUnit plugin that has 1 stereo output and 4 mono outputs. In the AudioProcessor constuctor, I’m calling:

AudioProcessor(BusesProperties().withOutput(“Stereo”, AudioChannelSet::stereo(), true)
.withOutput(“Mono 1”, AudioChannelSet::mono(), true)
.withOutput(“Mono 2”, AudioChannelSet::mono(), true)
.withOutput(“Mono 3”, AudioChannelSet::mono(), true)
.withOutput(“Mono 4”, AudioChannelSet::mono(), true)

I’ve also created custom isBusesLayoutSupported() logic that looks like this:

  // Main output bus must be stereo:
  if (layouts.getMainOutputChannelSet() != AudioChannelSet::stereo())
     return false;

  // All other output buses must be mono
  for (int ix = 1; ix < 5; ix++)
     if (layouts.getChannelSet(false, ix) != AudioChannelSet::mono())
        return false;

With this code, Logic gives two options for creating the plugin:

Multi-Output (5xStereo)

If you then try to select Multi-Output (5xStereo), Logic fails to load the plug-in.

This is using the latest Juce 6.1.2 release version and Logic Pro 10.7.0. No, I don’t have anything specified in Plugin Channel Configurations.

Is 1xStereo, 4xMono just not a format supported by Logic? Is there something I’m missing? I just can’t seem to to figure this out!

Thanks for any help!

One last detail - if I actually create 5 stereo buses, everything works fine. It still shows up as (5xStereo) but it loads properly and all 5 stereo buses work fine.



Is this a JUCE problem or a Logic problem? I have other plugins with a combination of stereo & mono outputs, and they work fine…