Audio Offline/Midi Editing

Hi all, 


I have been using JUCE for a while now and I really like it, I just had a few very small questions that I'm struggling with. 


1a) Is there a way to analyse audio off-line (IE: Without the playhead moving)? I'm trying to look at what is happening over the length of a region or loop, but without actually having to play it (kinda like when you do a non-realitime bounce). This doesn't need to happen a lot, just every now and then when a certain button gets clicked.

1b) If not, can I start the playhead moving from the GUI? IE: the user will click the button within the plug-in and it will communicate it to the host.


2)  Can I edit midi notes in the host from within the plug-in? IE: I'm looking to edit the onset locations, so that they will change position in the host's piano roll environment. I seem to remember a few drum-machine plug-ins having this kind feature for creating loops in the plug-in and sending them out. 



Thanks in advance :) 

Sounds like you want special host <-> plugin features, which would be specific to a host tailored to using your plugin.

In short, there's no obvious/generic way of doing this. You can't control the host without providing an API of somekind (ie: Celemony ARA).