Audio problem

I am facing a problem wherein I cant play any other audio while playing Audio in my juce application.

I also tested it with the juce demo given with juce version 1.39.I play an audio file through the demo which plays properly but while the demo is running I cannot play any other Audio(a different .mov file with Audio) using QuickTime player.Video plays fine but Audio plays distorted.I can play the file clearly after quitting the juce application.

My System Specifications
-Pentium 4 ,3.4 GHz,1 GB RAM
-Software Win XP Proffessional

Please give me a solution to this problem

It’s not a juce problem - you’ve just got an audio driver that can’t handle multiple applications simultaneously. Maybe you’re using the asio driver in the juce app, which is stopping the DSound driver opening at the same time?