Audio recording in a VST with Ableton Live


I’ve made a VST which looks like an audio player. It opens an audio file and read it. But I’d like to record the audio stream which come out of my vst. When I read the audio file, I can hear it, but when I try to record it, it record nothing. It seems like it can only record what is coming in the input of my audio card, and there is nothing on the input. I know this is more a question relating to Ableton Live, but if somebody has already made a vst for Live, please help me :smiley: Thanx


I dont think any host records the vst output like that. Doesn’t Live have a render function?

damnit. I thought It was possible to record the ouput of a vst, I thought It worked like this… Well I don’t know what is a render function but I’m gonna search for it. Anyway is there another way to record the output of a vst?

In Ableton you can change the ‘Audio To’ of the track to bounce it to another track. Not even remotely related to JUCE, by the way :wink:

yes you’re right :oops: Thanx anyway, it’s working now :smiley: