Using Other VST plugin with JUCE


I would like to develop a “VST/VSTi Rack” using JUCE. Could you please tell me where I can find help about using VST plugin and VSTi (Instruments) with JUCE.

Thank you very much


just take a look at niall moody pedal board:

Do you think it is interesting (and possible) to build a VST which is a VST host ?

Well, it’s possible.
I just wonder what kind of processing could be done by encapsulating things (with VSTs running inside other VSTs) and can not be done through a simple chain of effects …

The main reason is that I want to use VST effects in a Live session. For example, Ableton Live use chain of Effects to create interesting things. I would like to have the same type of use (but for free !)

I am used to make “Signal processing” but not used to code VST stuffs. But my main idea is to develop a software which allows us to build “graphs” of VST plugin (and VSTi instruments) for complex signal processing.

I hope it is a good Idea !!!

_john. , Thank you for your answers - perhaps i will ask you some others question

P.S : I am from France too.

there are tonz of this out that. and working very good.
check out:

bidule -
energyxt -
chainer -

also synthedit can let you make chains of VST and then let u export the chain as vst…
synthedit -

and there are more… just look around.


Thank you Kraken

But, do you know a free solution ?

do you consider the tiny fee for energyXT more expensive than the amount of your own time you’d spend building one? :wink:

… and testing for making it stable ?


It will be expensive to develop my own solution, but having an opensource plugin host could be very nice for everyone !!

I will think about it.

Thank you very much for the answers