Audio Toolkit modules for Projucer

I’ve started creating JUCE modules for my DSP library ATK.
The process is not as smooth as for other juce modules, but I think it’s still easy enough for users to consider using it for all their DSP code.

The modules are currently inside the develop branch, pending some feedback from testers, and there is a README to explain the flags to add to the Projucer:

During the next few days, I’ll add the rest of the modules with special care for the filters requiring Eigen or FFT support (in case you don’t want to compile them).


cool, never had the chance to look into AudioTK yet, but it looks very promising.

Thx! For now, it’s just the core module that is included, and I need to add a macro check for FFT bypass, but this is mainly to make people interested :wink:

And added all the other modules (except IO and Mock) to the develop branch (so that’s in effect 11 DSP dedicated modules).
I hope I haven’t forgotten anything.
Please also note that compiling and linking some modules (like EQ) can taka a lot of time, as this is lots and lots of DSP filters.

In 2.2.1, I fixed some issues with files not being included and I’m using now JUCE modules for some on my plugins.
2.2.2 will also have the option to deactivate FFT support with a preprocessor definition ATK_NO_FFT (already on develop).

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