Audio Unit Examples Sample Code - NOW Available!

Just a heads up to anyone who is getting into Plugin Development for the first time (like me as of late); Apple FINALLY reposted some very helpful "Audio Unit Examples" on the developer site. This totally snuck up on me and I dind't find it until I was looking for information on latency compensation... break a leg:


Just a heads up about those example projects - if it matters to what you are working on: they cut out some legacy support so they won't show up in hosts like Reaper, Digital Performer, Audacity, Ardour, etc (but they will show up in Logic, Garageband, JUCEhost, AULab).   Auval will validate them, but if you want to see if a plugin will load using legacy means, check them with MOTU's examiner at: 

If you want to get them loading in those hosts, I wrote up a blog a few weeks back about how to doctor them up to show up.  The blog is at: that way you can update the new sample projects to use as templates until all hosts/DAWs get current with the new standards.  (I probably went overboard restoring all the old methods, but I wanted to make sure they would show up in hosts going back as far as I could.)