What’s the deal with AU Lab?

After spending a couple hours trying to debug a strange crash that occurred when adding/removing my AU instrument I discovered that AU Lab crashes the same way using Apple’s own “AUMIDISynth”, “AUSampler” etc.

BTW, crash was totally expected at first, because I had an Interplugin Messaging mechanism that was recently introduced.

In any case…

Is AU Lab recommended for testing Audio Units? Nobody really uses AU lab to compose music do they? I guess I could see it being used as part of some sort of “Live” rig.

What do other JUCE plugin devs use to test their plugins? Is there a host out there that would be recommended to use for testing and one that behaves pretty mush the same as all of the other big hosts out there like Logic, Live, etc.?

I understand that my plugin should be tested on all hosts that I plan to support, just wanted to find out what other devs are using for this.




JUCE comes with a plugin host (in the examples folder), which is pretty handy. 

Otherwise Ableton loads very quickly, doesn't do anything mean if you are running a debugger, and has a very handy auto-recover feature! :)