AudioAppComponent problem

Hi all,

As I said in another thread yesterday, I’m back to JUCE after a 3-4 years pause. There are some difference that bring me some problems.

After trying the “Tutorial: Playing sound files” (it works on my mac via Projucer=> xcode…). No problem…

I want to use some parts of the tutorial for an app of mine where I have to play short wave files…

I try do define  my main content component class like that : 
class TestWindow  : public AudioAppComponent ,
                       public Component,
                       public ComboBoxListener,
                       public ButtonListener,
                       public Thread

However when I launch xcode IDE from projucer, xcode tells me that there is a pb with "public AudioAppComponent"
saying “Expected class-name”… no problem for the other inheritance declaration.

It seems that it cannot find the definition of the AudioAppComponent class… There is no problem with that when opening the "“Tutorial: Playing sound files” project…

I guess Projucer did not include some reference for the AudioAppComponent… But can’t figure out how to fix that…

Any help ?

Thanks in advance

The AudioAppComponent class is part of the juce_audio_utils module which isn’t added to your project by default so you need to add it manually in the Projucer. Right click on Config->Modules then select the juce_audio_utils module from the “Add a module” menu.


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Thanks, it works… I guess I have to get used to all these “right click” tricks in projucer…