AudioDeviceSelectorComponent not found, errors as "undeclared identifier"

​I'm trying to create an AudioDeviceSelectorComponent but I get this error: use of undeclared identifier 'AudioDeviceSelectorComponent'.

What's the deal?

I'm a new programmer so if it's something obvious just hit me with it and I'll move on.

class AudioSettings  : public Component,
                       public ChangeListener
        audDevMan = new AudioDeviceManager;
        audDevMan = nullptr;
    ScopedPointer<AudioDeviceManager> audDevMan;
    ScopedPointer<AudioDeviceSelectorComponent> audDevSelCom;
    //            ^here is where I get the error

I think I hit the same thing, if I recall I didn't have the appropriate module imported using the IntroJucer.

Yes, it looks like AudioDeviceSelectorComponent is in the audio_utils module, which the IntroJucer did not include.



I'm having some trouble including the audio_utils module in my project. I can't use the IntroJucer as I have deleted its data from my project.

Any chance somebody could walk me through how to include it?