AudioDevice and iO7 woes

It is not longer possible to change the sample buffer size using the AudioDeviceSelectorComponent component on iOS 7 using the tip. Furthermore, more sample rates are now offered, but these are also not selectable. There are a whole stack of deprecation warnings now coming from juce_iOS_audio.cpp

See this:

Re: deprecation warnings, I've not gone to Xcode 5 yet (can't update until some tracktion stuff is finished), but will obviously fix those as soon as I've got the latest SDKs.

I upgraded my iphone and ipad to iOS 7.0.3 tonight and compiled my app, the sample rate issues seems to be back or something samplerate related. The iphone is reporting 48000 and the ipad is reporting 44100.. but the buffer seems to be playing back too fast on the iphone. It was working properly before the upgrade. :/

This is a bit of a bump. I have just built the new JUCE demo and the problems persist. Any timeline on when iOS audio will be refactored?



If only people would stop wanting new Tracktion builds, I'd be able to upgrade to Xcode 5.. grumble.. Hopefully soon.

If that's the issue, you can have two XCodes coexisting on the same machine... I have 4.3, 4.6 and 5.0.1 here, all running fine. Just rename the older ones or put them in their own subdirectory in Programs.

Yeah, but I heard some horror stories about that and didn't want to get into a mess. Will have to upgrade at some point soon though.