Hi everyone,

I’m currently trying to get something to compile but it doesn’t recognize the class AudioDeviceManager. Is AudioDeviceManager not declared in the Linux version of JUCE? I’m not using the latest version, so I can upgrade if it’s implemented in the newest version and was not in previous versions.

If it is there and has been there, then I’ll have to go back to debugging, since it seems like it doesn’t recognize AudioDeviceManager as a class, but I could be doing something wrong!

Thanks! :slight_smile:

Also, if it’s not implemented, then that means my senior year project is pretty much over before it gets all that far, which is a good thing, kind of, unless I have to start another one :frowning:

No, it’s there - it’s used in the jucedemo. There’s nothing platform-specific in that class.

(Can’t think what you could be doing to fail to get it…)

Thanks for the info!

I think I just need to update my version, though. In my version of jucedemo, AudioDeviceManager is not used, and from what I could tell, the class AudioDeviceManager isn’t declared anywhere in the JUCE library that I currently have on my system. I guess it just goes to show that you should always update to the latest version of everything, though :slight_smile:

Just wanted to confirm that the new version does indeed contain AudioDeviceManager, and there were no other issues - I should be ashamed of myself for using an old version and reading from current documentation :oops:

Thanks :smiley: now it’s off to enjoy the new AudioDeviceManager class!