AudioDeviceSelector questions

Is there a way to make the “Active Output Channels” and “Active Input Channel” selections disappear?
I want them all to be always active in my app.

Also is there are way to get notified as soon as the Audio Device changed, even if it was not opened (for instance an ASIO driver whose soundcard is currently not plugged in)? I want to react to that to fill some combo boxes.

If you just specify that you want a large number of ins and outs, e.g. 256, then it’ll enable as many as it can, and remove the input selector boxes from the dialog.

And the AudioDeviceManager’s a changebroadcaster, isn’t it?

When I specify 256 for Input channels and Output channels, it will not hide the Active Outputs/Inputs selection List Boxes - It will just check all the Inputs and Outputs as active. Maybe I’m doing something wrong there?

You have to set both the minimum and maximum num channels to 256, then it assumes it should enable all of them.

It worked. Thanks! (First it did not work because I was setting the numInputChannelsNeeded / numOutputChannelsNeeded in the AudioDeviceManager only, not in the AudioDeviceSelector component, too).