Selecting multiple ins/outs in AudioDeviceSelectorComponent

Jules, AudioDeviceSelectorComponent doesn’t include the ability to select multiple individual inputs or outputs on an audio device, i.e. enabling stereo pairs and then selecting outs 1&2 and 5&6 for instance. Do you have any plans to add this in the future? I was going to modify it myself, but I don’t want to duplicate any of your efforts.

For now I’ve hacked a chunk of code which creates a dialog with a derived AudioDeviceSelectorComponent and an enumerated list of ToggleButtons within changeListenerCallback for ins and outs, then after exiting the dialog, calls AudioDeviceManager->setAudioDevice with the new bits. Not very elegant, but it gets the job done.

  • kbj

Yes, I’m gradually adding more flexibility to the audio selector, and will get round to that whenever I get chance. Sounds like you’re using a sensible workaround in the meantime.

Maybe it should be interesting to be able to choose the sample rate and the depth in this dialog :wink:

It does let you set the sample rate… (?)

Bit depth isn’t something that can be changed though. Certainly not for asio or coreaudio. Anyway, when would you not want to use the highest depth that the device can do?

Sorry, there is the sample rate choose yet :oops:

Else, the depth is something I’m using nowadays, I’m developping a soft that performs playing and recording of some special signals, and I need then to write the results into WAV files. Else, I have not seen yet how the samples are working yet, I have just seen they are of the float type in the AudioIOCallback function. That means they are between -1 and 1 ? If it’s right, that should be easy for me then to process the conversion into different depths…