(Suggestion) better AudioDeviceSelectorComponent

When using the AudioDeviceSelectorComponent with more than 2 in/out channels, the selection of the channels is somehow not intuitive.
If you want to deselect a channel you have to click to other channels (even more times, because if the channels is the latest which was selected).
This is also not the native behaviour of a check-box. If you click on a check-box, it should deselect.

But more important is, when you use 2 as minimum and 8 as maximum in/out-channels with a multichannel sound device , and select 4 entries, its impossible to go back to two channels, because always the latest four entries are selected.

This dialog definitely needs a lot of work but I think for most cases, it is better to just make a copy of it and customize it specifically for your application’s needs. I look at it more as an example than a piece of production code. Although it is certainly nice for getting things up and running quickly.

That’s what it does, unless you’ve got a minimum number of channels, and then it has a bit of a problem trying to maintain at least that many channels selected.

jules, 100% right, my mistake!