AudioDeviceSelectorComponent adding outputs on device change?

Howdy all

I've done something regarding a AudioDeviceSelectorComponent in a standalone filter window, so when I change devices, it presents me with further options regarding 'Active Outputs'.

I'd rather this just select the new output and use that.


What could be causing this? See screenshots attached - first is default state, second is what happens when I select a new output device.



Default State

After selecting a new device:

After selecting new device

I've narrowed it down to a difference in the juce library files...if I manually copy an older version of the Juce Library code into the project folder, it works fine. However if I use a more recent one, I get the 'Active Outputs' radio selection box.


Also, this is on OS X only as far as I remember.


Hope that helps...thanks

....and the above revelation led me to update my Juve (it had been a while), which fixed the error.


Thanks for that fix (whatever it was).