AudioSampleBuffer::applyGainRamp to all Channels

Hi Jules, would it be possible to add this method to AudioSampleBuffer:

/** Applies a range of gains to a region of a all the channels. */ void applyGainRamp (int startSample, int numSamples, float startGain, float endGain) noexcept

void AudioSampleBuffer::applyGainRamp (const int startSample, const int numSamples, const float startGain, const float endGain) noexcept { for (int i = 0; i < numChannels; ++i) applyGainRamp (i, startSample, numSamples, startGain, endGain); }

I know its trivial but I’m using this a lot at the moment and would reduce the amount of channel loops in my code and make the class more consistant with the applyGain method.

Yep, will do that.