Could use more AudioSampleBuffer members

These would be handy

    void applyGainRamp (
                        int startSample,
                        int numSamples,
                        float startGain,
                        float endGain) noexcept;
    void AudioSampleBuffer::addFrom (
                  int numChannels,
                  int destStartChannel,
                  int destStartSample,
                  const AudioSampleBuffer& source,
                  int sourceStartChannel,
                  int sourceStartSample,
                  int numSamples,
                  float gainToApplyToSource = 1.0f) noexcept;


Still running into this…

There’s a lot of missing functionality, its not possible to perform basic operations (copyFrom, addFrom, addFromWithRamp, etc…) without writing a for loop over all the channels and specifying the source AudioSampleBuffer (instead of raw pointer / numSamples).