AudioSampleBuffer - Extra Methods?

Hey Jules,

Was wondering if you would be interested in extending the functionality of AudioSampleBuffer to reduce a bit of repetition? Here are some ideas:

/** Applies a gain multiple to all of the channels in their entirety */
void applyGain (float gain) noexcept
     applyGain (0, size, gain);
/** Applies a range of gains to all the channels, from their start to end*/
void applyGainRamp (float startGain, float endGain) noexcept
    applyGainRamp (0, size, startGain, endGain);

The first one: yes, good idea. But I think applyGainRamp should always take start and end positions, it doesn’t seem right to have an operation whose behaviour depends on a range without explicitly specifying that range.

Ah, that makes sense… fair enough!