AudioUnit won't get detected by auval or Logic

I’ve been struggling to develop a JUCE-based AU plugin for Logic for a while now. Up until now, I’ve been manually moving the *.component from the home library to /Library, or else auval does not detect it. I’m getting really peeved doing this because a good chunk of my development time has been going to doing that every time I compile. I tried bumping the minimum supported OS to High Sierra which is my employer is having me use and can’t update, but nothing. Other third party *.components in home library are detected just fine, but for my plugin auval always wants it in /Library.

However, if this is because I’m building debug instead of release, that raises another problem: How can I test my plugin if I can only run it with the debug info optimised out?

Have you seen this thread?

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Hmmm… will I need to do this on every new compilation?

Yes. Add it in your build script if you use one or just run that one line in the terminal.

Actually no, once the plugin is found in the registry, the recompiled versions are automatically used when restarting the DAW. There is no need to kill the AudioComponentRegistrar again, unless you created a new plugin.
But you can add it as safety measure into your build script, afaik it won’t have any negative effects.


Awesome! Thanks! I’ll go ahead and try it.