Automation disabling when playing back in Abelton Live 11 and Reason 12 in VST3 plugin on both MacOs and PC

Hello All,

I have been dealing with an automation playback issue in live 11 and Reason 12. After a lot of debugging, investigation, forum posts go through, I can confirm that the automation is disabled/frozen only on the meta parameters. Steps taken –

  1. vst3 plugin loaded
  2. write/draw automation for param1
  3. start playback
  4. The re-enabled button on top in live 11 (little arrow) turns orange.
  5. automation can be seen but all disabled/frozen.

I have a couple of meta parameters, which get updated when either one of them is changed.
I’m using APVTS, createLayout, and parameterLayout::add method to add parameters in APVTS.
Juce version – master/7.0.6
OS – PC/ MacOS

Any suggestions on how to fix this?
Thanks in advance!!