AUv3 macOS inprocess

Seems like Logic and Garagband on macOS won’t load AUv3 plug-ins that don’t support in process loading.

need to scuttle all the plug-in code into a framework like in the sample code examples.

I thought VST3 was complicated!

EDIT - as fabian has said elsewhere on the forum, you need to tick the “AUv3” mode in logic’s plug-in manager and restart in order for JUCE AUv3s (which don’t support in process mode) to load. I think this also enables it in garage band, although I don’t know what you do if you don’t have logic

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I’ve been thinking about adding in-process loading support for JUCE AUv3s.

However, as you can always build an AUv2 alongside your AUv3 on desktop, I don’t really see a reason why this would be necessary. I know that logic will always prefer loading the AUv2 version of the plug-in anyway. I’m not sure about Garageband.

It would be a big change in the way we build plug-ins - we would need to add another xcode target and quite some re-working in the Projucer.

Edit: My comments above are only about desktop. On iOS plug-ins are not allowed to be loaded in-process.

yeah good point. until apple decide to deprecate version 2 - although I can’t see that happening any time soon