AUV3 Plugin fails to load in GarageBand if it is present in the project that opens when GarageBand opens


(see detailed steps to reproduce the issue below)

I built a auv3 plugin which does nothing (I left the default files generated by projuicer as-is) and noticed that in Garageband, the plugin won’t load (I see the yellow exclamation mark on it) if the plugin is part of the current project when Garageband opens.

However, it loads fine if it is manually loaded (not present in the project before) or if the project was not the current project when Garageband starts, and we open the project in Garageband only once Garageband has started.

Has anyone else noticed this issue?

XCode: 11.0
OSX : 10.14.6
Garageband: 10.3.2
Projuicer: 5.4.4
Juce License: Free

Detailed steps to reproduce the issue:

  • use a “free” Juce license
  • in projuicer, create a new “Audio plugin” project.
  • select “AUv3” and “Standalone” plugin formats
  • generate xcode solution and build all
  • double click the generated .app in the Finder (to register the app extension)
  • open Garageband, use the plugin on one track, the plugin loads fine. Save the project, close garageband
  • reopen garageband : the plugin doesn’t load. create another project (empty), save the project, close garageband.
  • reopen garageband (the empty project opens) open the project where the plugin is used : the plugin loads fine.

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I’m seeing this too! Did you ever resolve this?

I didn’t, I ended up using non-v3 AU.