Avoid clobbering custom JuceActivity on project save

In Projucer / Introjucer, the JuceActivity and accompanying folders are overwritten with each project save. Would be nice if it respected the existence of a custom JuceActivity class and didnt overwrite it. Would save having to pull it out of Git after each save and possible hair pulling if one forgot to commit changes... 

This would ideally extend to the whole AndroidStudio folder inc gradle settings.

I might be able to make it so that the folder isn't touched on save (would have to figure out how the user would specify that), but you'd then be left with the responsibility of keeping it in sync with your project (for example, when you add a new file).

This is still bothering me - any chance we can at least have a warning if there are extra files in there that might get deleted on project save in Projucer?

EDIT: I’m working on some changes to the Android java file structure and how its generated in Projucer which should also solve this issue…

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