Request: Remove final declaration on

Hi Jules,

In order to keep up with changes in the JNI stuff, I want to subclass the JuceAppActivity. But in order to do that I need that class not to be final, same goes for the onCreate function which needs to be overridden. That's about it



That's a pretty fair request, I'll remove it..

You forgot to remove the final on onCreate method :)


Drat, thought I did that.. Will do it when I get a sec.

As an extra request here, it would be great to be able to subclass the generated / copied activity class without having to alter the AndroidManifest.xml file each time. Its a little cumbersome to have to keep the activity or manifest in source control and check it out each time the Introjucer project is saved. I'm happy to suggest a change for this. Should be as simple as an extra field that populates 

<activity android:name="SubClassedActivity" ...> ... </activity>

if not empty. 

A nice touch would be to create the file if it does not exist with the override scaffolding in place.

Hi Adamski, Not sure but doesn't the "Android Activity Class Name" property in the Introjucer do exactly that? 

Hi Fabian, thats what I assumed it would do, but that property defines the name given to the activity class copied from - i.e. whenever its changed a new file is created and the AndroidManifest.xml is updated with the new filename. 

I think it would be better if the file was always called, and then allow developers to subclass it and define the name in the "Android Activity Class Name" property. 

OK. I've added this to the latest tip. Can you check that this works for you? Thanks!


Works perfectly. Thank you very much.