[BEGINNER] Adding ADSR to Voices

Hi! Newbie here, I’m currently working on a very simple substractive synth plugin for school based on the dsp tutorial but I’m currently stuck when trying to add an enevelope to the voice class, when debugging I can’t hear changes in the sound.
I’m not certain but I think the problem is in the renderNextBlock function.Voice.cpp (4.5 KB)
I linked the file so that you could see for yourselves, thx for taking the time to read this and have a good day:)

Hello Ricardo!

I wrote my own set of synth base classes that take care of all the ADSRs and anti-click fades and whatnot and allow you to just focus on the actual sound generation for your synth implementation.

If you’re interested, the code is 100% free to use: GitHub - benthevining/JuceSynthBase: A basic infrastructure for a polyphonic synthesiser, written with the JUCE framework.


Thx a lot!! I’ll definitely check it out!

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