Best way to sell plugins / VSTs via e-commerce

Want to eventually sell plugins, but curious easiest / best ways to do this.

Any favorite sites / online e-commerce apps that make it easy to do custom layouts, embed demo videos, take credit card, send download via email, etc?

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We use Wordpress with Paddle for payments, elementor for page building, a service for licensing our plugins which I can’t name and MailChimp and Aws lambda for CRM automations. But I’m sure there are way easier solutions for starting out small.


I’m using a Jekyll back end (static html generator) into S3/CloudFront with a Stripe payment link. The payment link handles licensing using a Heroku Python webhook and emails via HelpScout. It’s pretty easy to work with, everything can be deployed through continuous integration which has been a real time saver. There are some pretty decent themes and everything can be edited using markdown. So pretty easy for a solo programmer to maintain.

You can be the judge if the end result is actually any good at all:


If all you want is to sell your plug-ins and you don’t need your own website, is a great marketplace to do so!


that was shockingly easy to setup, thanks for recommending it