Bitwig Mono-Sidechain VST2 Bug

I’m not sure this is a bug with JUCE but rather expected / common implementation of Side-Chain with VST2.

Under Bitwig,
If sidechain is described as mono: "Sidechain", AudioChannelSet::mono())
then plug-in considered to not support side-chain.

I’ll also report them but might worth the heads up, especially when JUCE owns demo uses it for NoiseGate…

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Thanks for spotting. I’ve changed the default layout to stereo in the sample code on develop.

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Great. thanks.
Hope Bitwig will also look into it.

I slightly remember that stereo side chains will crash Protools, but not sure if its still an issue

That’s only if the plugin only supports stereo side chains. But the NoiseGate supports both stereo and mono. Stereo is just the default.

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@chkn as @fabian suggested I’ve verified. here with PT 12.6.1 and our plug-in with layout config of:

.withInput ("Input", AudioChannelSet::stereo())
.withOutput ("Output", AudioChannelSet::stereo())
.withInput ("Sidechain", AudioChannelSet::stereo())   

it works as expected as AAX.
I’ve yet to test the all-mighty unsupported RTAS yet (SoundRadix JUCE repo works supports it). but I will and I’m pretty sure it’ll behave the same.

  • though again, this is not really supported by JUCE