BluetoothMidiDevicePairingDialogue equivalent for Mac OS X

Hey guys. For quite some time my team has been dreaming of being able to pair BLE MIDI devices straight from our desktop applications/plugins, in a similar fashion to the BluetoothMidiDevicePairingDialogue class for iOS and Android.

Just this morning I stumbled up on this CoreAudioKit class: CABTLEMIDIWindowController. It provides a way of opening the Bluetooth MIDI pairing dialogue on OSX systems (the same one as found in Audio Midi Setup).

I’ve replaced the default BluetoothMidiDevicePairingDialogue implementation for OSX with a modification of the iOS implementation, using this class. It’s working, but might need some more work. Would you be interested in a PR for this feature?

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Yes, that’s something that would be a valuable addition to JUCE. Please go ahead!