Breakpoints work in app code but not in JUCE library code?

I'm trying to step into some JUCE library code. I'm using XCode 4.6. If I compile the JuceDemo app and debug it, breakpoints work if they are set in the app-specific code such as MainWindow.cpp. But if I set a breakpoint in some other JUCE code, the stuff I want to see, the debugger does not stop at the breakpoint. I've tried a few modules like juce_PopupMenu.cpp, juce_Colour.cpp and so on that I know are being called.

What am I missing? Probably something simple. But it looks like everything is being built from source here, so I'm confused.



Edit (or create) the file ~/.lldbinit and add the following line

settings set target.inline-breakpoint-strategy always


Would be cool, if introjucer would warn it this setting isn't active ;)

It works! Many thanks!