Bridge version of audio pluigin host?

Great project - please can you add a demo audio plugin host that can open a vst running under wine64 and connect to a jack daemon running under x86_64 linux?

Thanks! Yes, as soon as someone finds a way to allow me to write code 24 hours a day without stopping to sleep or eat, then I’ll probably have time to do that!

Sorry, I’m not much help there - the last time I wrote a line of code was 24 years ago in fortran…

From a naive point of view; the same code is used to build the demo audio plugin on windows and linux - is it just a question of build configuration? That is, can the linux audio backends (alsa, jack, pulse) be built together with the windows vst host? Can the windows vst host be built aggainst the wine64-devel-headers instead instead of microsoft’s visual studio c++ headers?

Yes, of course - all the audio i/o is cross-platform, so the plugin host doesn’t care which classes are doing the work underneath.

So true!