Broken JUCE::Rectangle crap

decided to go back and sort out yon mess. (stepforms)

now I’m getting this shit…

c:\Program Files\Microsoft SDK\include\WinGDI.h(3375) : error C2063: 'JUCE::Rectangle' : not a function c:\Program Files\Microsoft SDK\include\WinGDI.h(3375) : error C2373: 'JUCE::Rectangle' : redefinition; different type modifiers c:\juce\src\juce_appframework\gui\graphics\geometry\juce_Rectangle.h(43) : see declaration of 'JUCE::Rectangle'

I can see that Rectangle is #defined as JUCE::Rectangle in juce.h

must be cos of my mess cos my new (non-mess!) project is compiling fine. But the only thing I did meantime that could affect SF is upgrade to SP2.

Any gurus about today?

I don’t know if this helps, but I was getting that error when I included a standard windows header (dinput.h) in my program, to use DirectInput’s joystick support. I solved it by making sure the windows header is always included before the juce ones. Have a look in juce.h as well - there’s supposed to be a fix there (define JUCE_WIN32, I think), but it never worked for me.

  • Niall.

just #undef Rectangle before including the windows header files…

Thank you gentlemen.
There was a sneaky wee windows.h in there from aborted attempt at DnD.