[BUG] demo -> web browser fails to load

Latest JUCE on Windows.

Clicking on the web browser demo tab gives:

Just reporting in the unlikely event it has slipped the net.


Looks like IE is failing to deal with some javascript code on juce.com, rather than an actual juce bug with the library. But thanks, we'll ask our web guys to have a look.

yep, I figured it was probably an issue with the embedded browser but likely something the website crew can patch around.


Was this ever fixed I get the same issue anytime I open the webbrowser component?

Because you’re visiting a website (juce.com) that doesn’t work with the internal component (IE) anymore. I wouldn’t’ expect ANY company to downgrade the website to 2010 standards so a demo for Juce works.

Maybe the demo should be changed to visit some other website (like google.com) so the complaints go away.

Is there anyway this could be fixed with including a header to the JSON or JQuery Library?

For your own site you can do whatever you like to make it compatible with the built-in Internet Explorer, but you can’t expect third parties to do that for their sites, just so you can visit them with the JUCE component.

What are you actually trying to achieve? I would assume that you’re interested in using this component to provide your own login-form, or something similar, in which case you would have 100% control over your own server and it’s Javascripts etc. thus you could keep it compatible with IE 10/11 and your app will work just fine.

If you’re trying something along the lines of creating a browser using JUCE, you will find a LOT of websites that won’t work, because they abandoned IE 10/11 compatibility.