Bug: juce 6.0.6 breaks on macos (but not ios)

when i updated to 6.0.6 my app no longer worked. all windows were black and the debug console is full of this line:

2021-01-13 14:55:34.801749-0800 Instrument Designer[11531:65731] [sc.modo.instrumentdesigner.osx] CGImageCreateWithImageProvider: invalid image provider: NULL.

git bisect helped me trace it to this commit - when i revert that commit locally everything works as expected.

i checked the example standalone plugin and it seems to work fine - any ideas what could be happening here?

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A minimal example that triggers the problem would be very helpful. It’s difficult to say what might be the cause without more information.

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This happened to our Waveform app and plugins in Release builds (not debug though).
I tired building the JUCE demo but that seemed to be ok though so still digging for a proper report.
This happened with both the 11.1 & 10.13 SDKs targeting 10.9.


Thanks for reporting, there was indeed a bug in that commit with JUCE_COREGRAPHICS_RENDER_WITH_MULTIPLE_PAINT_CALLS enabled. We’ll be doing a bugfix release very shortly with this fix in:


thanks @ed95 , this works for me.

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