BUG: M1/Apple Silicon: Keyboard focus lost permanently in Logic when plugin is resized

NOTE: This only occurs when Logic is run in non-Rosetta mode on M1. Wondering if it is another weird interaction between JUCE and Logic’s new subprocess hosting system in the native version, but the bug is pretty bad…


  • Have a JUCE AU plugin with a GUI that can resize and has a TextEditor element (works with any keyboard-focus sensitive element but most egregious with a component that accepts user text)
  • Open the JUCE GUI
  • Enter text into the TextEditor element, see that it works as expected
  • Resize the gui
  • Try to enter text in the TextEditor element


  • Text is entered into the text editor element as normal


  • No text is entered and all keystrokes go straight through to Logic. (So if the user tries to delete text, they have likely just deleted their track)

This will cause any issues in products that have their own preset browser with a text editor if they support resizing, so hoping there is some solution on the JUCE side we can do to work around this issue.

One interesting workaround: it seems that for whatever reason, if your plugin GUI has a WebBrowserComponent, you can focus on that and then refocus on whatever the original component was and focus is restored. Otherwise there is no way to get focus in your plugin again without reinstantiating.

I can reproduce this bug in Logic Pro X 10.7.4 with Fluid Pitch inserted as a MIDI FX on a mac m1.

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@mfritze Any idea if this is a bug in Logic on M1?

Just some more info on this

I tried Surge and Pianoteq both in LPX 10.7.4 and they exhibit this behavior - after a zoom the keybindings go back to logic instead of the plug. When I tried Surge AU in Reaper it was fine.

So I also tried a non-juice plugin (the plogue dx7) which isn’t a juce plugin and that also showed the same bug.

I think this is a logic bug. If anyone knows folks at apple…

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We’re experiencing this as well and just some generally very inconsistent keyboard focus behavior in Logic 10.7.4 on M1.

Doesn’t seem to affect Rosetta, and other M1 AU hosts (Ableton) are fine.