Bug on AudioPluginHost

Hi I opened AudioPluginHost, added a new node (audio input to make things simple) and saved.

When I opened again the app an error occurred on line 236 of juce_AudioSampleBuffer.h

int getNumChannels() const noexcept { return numChannels; }

The error:

com.apple.audio.IOThread.client (10): EXC_BAD_ACCESS (code=1, address=0x0)

I guess you’re on a mac or iOS device. It would be helpful to know the OS version and platform (intel or arm). Do you have any third-party audio interface connected? When you open the audio settings window in the AudioPluginHost, how are the input and output devices configured? A screenshot of this window might help.

When you say that you added a new audio input, do you mean in addition to the audio input/output and midi input/output nodes that are created by default, or are you deleting those and starting from a completely blank project?

Crashes in the AudioPluginHost are most frequently caused by plugins that have been loaded into the graph. Are you certain that there are no plugin nodes in the saved graph?

Finally, please share the full stack trace at the point of the crash. If the crash is happening inside a plugin, the stack trace should show this. Otherwise, we should be able to tell where the crash is actually happening inside the AudioPluginHost.

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No, as wrote I done the test opening only another one instance of “audioInput”

No third-party audio interface connected

here two creenshots

I wasn’t able to reproduce the bug on my machine. Does it happen every time for you?

Please post the stack trace at the point of the crash, or a full crash dump.